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In the Village of Oxford, we are defined less by boundaries on a map than by the sense of shared values our residents hold dear. Small town values, guided growth, preservation of historical, cultural, and natural heritage are just a few of the core principles that makes Village of Oxford a wonderful place to call home.

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Rolling Blackouts


There is a high probability that Oxford may experience a rolling blackout today.  We do not have an estimated time frame.  In the event it does occur, we will try to generate.

Utility Notice


Local utility urgently asks residents to conserve energy

The Village of Oxford is urgently asking customers to cut down on their power and natural gas usage to mitigate the risk of potential power outages due to extreme cold weather and increased regional...

Vacant lots up for bid


Oxford is seeking proposals from persons or companies interested in purchasing vacant lots owned by the Village of Oxford and developing them into single family residences, multi-family residences, garages to accompany neighboring houses, businesses or...