Board of Health

It shall be the duty of the Board of Health to enact rules and regulations, which shall have the full force and effect of law to safeguard the health of the people of the village. The board shall en­force the rules and regulations and provide fines and punish­ments for any violations thereof. It may regulate, suppress, and prevent the occurrence of nuisances and shall actively enforce all laws of the State of Nebraska and ordinances of the village relat­ing to nuisances and matters of sanitation which affect the health and safety of the people. The board shall regularly in­spect such premises and businesses as the Village Board may direct. The board shall be responsible for making such reports, prescribing such penalties, and performing such other duties as the Village Board may designate from time to time. All actions of the Board of Health shall be subject to the review and supervision of the Village Board. (Neb. Rev. Stat. §17-208)

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Clint McQuiston

Mike Minarik

Hailey Booe
Medical Advisor

Furnas County Sheriff
Secretary/Quarantine Officer