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The Village of Oxford Parks and Recreation Department provides park facilities and programs to accommodate the needs and interests of local residents and visitors.  Whether you are into sports, nature or just want to take your children to the playground, the Village of Oxford is the place for you.

Come out and enjoy our beautiful parks!

On November 20, 1933, a petition was presented to the Board that was sponsored by the Oxford Wednesday Club and bore 125 signatures, requesting that the feasibility of a Village Park be instituted at once.  The site the ladies had in mind was the one where the park is now located.  On April 21, 1934 an agreement was consummated to purchase the site for a Village Park provided a merchantable title could be given.  On May 7, 1934 the City Attorney supplied a favorable opinion on the title and on July 16th Ordinance 67 creating the Oxford City Park was adopted.  From that date forward the taxpayers have contributed to support of the park through payment of taxes.   At that time the park committee members were Lyle McGee, Dean Birt and Walter Parks.

Today the park falls under the General Fund, which is funded through different tax dollars, state equalization money, and transfers of surplus fees from utilities.    The park is valuable amenity to Oxford and its residents.

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