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The railroad played a big role in the development of the town of Oxford. The railroad is now remembered for it's impact on the community at the Museum of Oxford.

If you visit the museum, you will learn about the California Zeyphr and the Denver Zeyhphr trains that passed through town in the 50's. The trains featured dining cars, sleeping cabins, and full course meals. Gary Schroeder who is the curator of the Museum of Oxford, is proud to showcase a unique collection of passenger train dinnerware at the museum.

"There are 25 different railroads represented and about 45 different patterns of railroad dining car china," Gary said. "This also includes the silverware, the napkins, linens and so on," Gary said.

Turns out that the dining car china is Gary's personal collection, and he's been collecting it since 1990. In one exhibit, you can see how the place setting would have been set up on a table in the dining car of the California Zeyphr. The place setting uses original plates and silverware of the time.

The dining car china isn't the only thing you can see at the Museum of Oxford, which is inside the old school building in Oxford. There is an exhibit that highlights the deadly Republican River flood of 1935. There is a gold star wall that pays tribute to local people who died while serving in the military. There is also a corner that remembers the village of Mascot, which had a high school and grade school. Pictures of the classes that attended the school can be seen there.

If you are ever in Oxford, consider a visit to the Museum of Oxford.


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