Oxford Wednesday Club

One of Oxford’s oldest organizations “The Wednesday Club” originated on April 23, 1907.  In the spring of 1907, five or six young married ladies were calling in the home of Alice Divan.  The idea of forming a club took roots that day with the first thought being for sociability purposes only.  The first few years there were no officers, dues, constitution or by-laws, these being added some time later.

The seven Charter Members were: Mrs. May Fuller, Mrs. Tabitha Uebel, Mrs. Bessie Struve, Mrs. Bertha Pettygrove, Mrs. Susan Blossom, Mrs. Alice Divan and Mrs. Quiggle.

In 1932 the club observed its 25th anniversary by having a one o’clock luncheon on April 20th, at the home of Mrs. Frank Wallace.

The Wednesday Club celebrated its 50th anniversary May 1, 1957.  A one o’clock luncheon was served to the members and guests by the ladies of St. Michael’s Altar Society.

The Wednesday Club has taken an active interest in all community projects and was instrumental in establishing the Oxford Library.

Mrs. Uebel wrote the following words to the club on their 50th anniversary : “Perhaps only a crystal ball could have revealed that the small, informal club originating with a group of seven housewives, for sociability purposes only, would be, fifty years later a well-organized, outstanding group in the life of the community .”

The following poem was written by one of the members and describes the origin: (probably by Mrs. Susan Blossom).



One day in the week, on Wednesday,
A few of the ladies met
To know what to do without time,
For time is worthlessly spent.
We thought perhaps, if congenial,
A small club might be formed,
A club in which much is accomplished,
And nothing to cause alarm.
The questions were first encountered
Were many and hard to solve,
We wanted to cause no hard feelings,
We could not take in all.
Then, there were those with babies,
A troublesome question too-
We just decided to take them,
There was nothing else to do.
Then we looked about for a topic-
With which to enlighten the mind,
We could not discuss our neighbors,
For they are a very good kind.
Well, current events and the authors
We thought for a subject would do,
And while we broaden the intellect,
Our fingers are busy too.
So the Wednesday Club was established,
And we hope it is long to remain.
The duty of each is equal,
To honor, to each, the same.
And now, just a word of warning-
Remember the "Golden Rule”
And we can accomplish quite as much
As we used to do at school.