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Oxford Pool

The Village of Oxofrd will be accepting applications soon for the 2021 pool season.   

Positions that will be available are as follows:

Pool Manager

Assistant Pool Manager (number of positions needed to be determined)

Life Guards


Changes to the up coming pool schedule are to be determined.



TO FOLLOW THE DHM’s recommendations this will be our schedule for the summer of 2020.

Pool Hours will be as follows:
Sunday- Thursday
1-2 pm open swim
Sanitizing Break 2-2:30 pm
2:30-3:30 pm open swim
Sanitizing Break 3:30-4 pm
4:00-5:00 pm open swim
Sanitizing Break 5:00-5:30pm
5:30-6:30 pm open swim
Sanitizing Break 6:30-7:00
7:00- 8pm
Close for the Day

Friday-Saturday Schedule
1-2 pm open swim
Sanitizing Break 2-2:30 pm
2:30-3:30 pm open swim
Sanitizing Break 3:30-4:00 pm
4:00-5:00 pm open swim
Sanitizing Break 5:00-5:30
5:30-6:30 open swim
6:30pm Closed

We will be offering Adult swimming 2 nights a week as well as water aerobics.

Changes for the summer:

1. We will not be offering Swimming Lessons this summer or Pool Parties.
2. Our Maximum Capacity under the DHM requirements is 40 guests. That includes parents, or guests not swimming.
3. We will have a sign in sheet with times recorded to allow every child the opportunity to swim.
4. We will also temperature check each guest prior to entering.
5. Showers/with soap will also be mandatory.
6. We will only allow toys to be brought in the baby pool by the parents.
7. No toys/ noodles/ paddle boards will be used or allowed in the big pool.
8. Oxford area Residents only or if you bought a pass in 2019.
9. We will have candy passes available
10. All items must be removed from the pool house.
11. Pool waivers for each family will need to be signed by parents prior to coming swimming.  Please scroll down to the bottom of the page for the particiapnts agreement.  Here you can print it off.
12. Pool passes will be sold. On June 10 we will offer $5 off any pool pass. Watch for the times.

13. Social Distancing is a must. So please follow the 6 feet guidelines in and out of the water.
Lots of changes, but we are super excited to be opening the pool! See you soon!
So if you see one of our VILLAGE Board members tell them THANK YOU!




Below is some history of the Oxford Swimming Pool taken from the Four Score and Seven Year Book.

For many years there has existed a swimming pool in Oxford but for the most of the years it was privately owned, however its operation for those many years is not a part of this particular story.  Our concern is "how" of Oxford's municipally owned pool.  As all things do, the old pool finally required more doctoring than was justified to keep it in use but it had to be kept in operation as long as feasible.

Sometime previous to 1955 there had been a Village Swimming Pool Committee appointed.  From the minutes it appears that the Committee's duty was to keep the old one in operation until a new one was possible.

On March 7, 1955 the Chairman of the Swimming Pool Committee met with the Trustees and urged the issue for a new Village owned pool be placed on the ballot.  A week later the Trustees met with the full Committee.  From that meeting came the word there could be no vote that year but attempts would be made to repair the old pool.  About a month later the Committee returned with a planned repair job, requesting Board approval. The verdict was that the Trustees would approve a plan if the State Health Department did.

The "Pool" question was next mentioned on July 1, 1957.  The announcement was three new members had been appointed to the pool committee.  One of the committee was re-appointed on April 26, 1960.  No other members are mentioned until March 20, 1961, when the entire committee met with the Trustees and decided to "fix up" the old pool for another year.

February 5, 1962 and April 1, 1963, the pool committee met again with the Board but no decision was made to submit the issues to the voters.  However, on January 4, 1965, a petition asking that the matter be submitted to a vote was presented.  One month later the Trustees, the proponents of the swimming pool idea, and two engineers met all prepared for action.  On March 1, 1965, the Board, Committee and one engineer met, then again the next night when Trustees decided to submit the issue of $45,000 in bonds to the electorate.  On March 23, 1965 the vote was favorable of the Pool Bond Issue.

Bids for the pool were opened on May 18, 1965 but bids were too high so no decision was possible that night.  Three nights later on the 21st, in a special meeting one bidder was asked to eliminate some items, whereupon his bid became $46,785.00 which the Trustees approved.  The contract called for a 60 day completion but it was nearer 90 days.  There was little use for the new pool in 1965 but in the years 1966 and 1967 it has been the "Mecca" of the swimming enthusiasts of this community.  Dean Cowen, Leonard Hoelting and Warren Woodruff were the swimming pool committee members. 


Today it takes over $50,000.00 a season to operate and maintain in its current condition. 


Oxford Swimming Pool
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Oxford, NE 68967
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