Code Compliance

The Village of Oxford, Nebraska takes the responsibility for protecting our community's health, safety and welfare very seriously.  We strive to keep Oxford a desirable and safe place to live through effective enforcement of village codes and ordinances. 

The Village of Oxford, through the Code Enforcement Committee, sends courtesy letters to property owners and residents regarding possible code violations in an effort to improve the appearance and safety of our neighborhoods.  We encourage residents and property owners to maintain their homes and yards in order to preserve property values and discourage crime.  We realize that at times we are looked at unfavorably for enforcing our village codes and ordinances, however we will assure you that our enforcement is fair to all and we are willing to work with violators to get any issues resolved.

The purpose of the Code Enforcement Committee is to voluntarily work with property owners and/or tenants to encourage them to clean up their properties in order to make the village a better place to live and work.

If you would like to be a part of the Code Enforcement Committee please contact the Village Office or fill out the below application and bring it to the Village Office.  There are currently three vacant positons on the committee.