Code Enforcement Committee

The Code Enforcement Committee shall work with property owners and tenants in an attempt to make the village a more attractive place for new residents and businesses to locate and a better place for its current residents and businesses. The committee shall take complaints regarding the conditions of properties within the village that constitute nuisances under the municipal code. The committee members themselves may also bring to the committee’s attention properties they believe constitute nuisances. The Code Enforcement Committee may investigate the properties brought forward to it; and when the committee determines that any property appears to constitute a nuisance under the Oxford Municipal Code, the committee shall contact the property owner and/or tenant and request that he or she abate the nuisance or repair the violation. The Code Enforcement Committee shall monitor the progress of the abatement or repair.

At such time as the Code Enforcement Committee determines that the owner and/or tenant is not cooperating with it to abate the nuisance or to repair the violation, the committee shall refer the property to the appropriate village official for legal action. The committee shall have no power to officially charge the owner with a violation of the municipal code. The purpose of the committee is to voluntarily work with property owners and/or tenants to encourage them to clean up their properties in order to make the village a better place to live and work.



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